This chapter will introduce you to the Codesoju concepts

What is Codesoju?

Codesoju has been designed to provide developers a set of standards, best practices and tools to build modern Enterprise applications.

What is an modern Enterprise application?

An Enterprise application is an application developed by an organization to access its extended information system, also called Digital Platform, mixing and aggregating internal and external sources of data, used by a wide audience of users from multiple user devices (generally web or mobile).
Today's applications are not provided as a comprehensive and uniform package deployed on an application server. Modern Enterprise apps are constituted of several modules of different nature, deployed on different supports accross the private or public or hybrid cloud.

Best Practices influences

Big software vendors are not defining anymore the best practices for developing applications. The rise of Open Source initiatives combined with the need to provide services to an unknown but bigger audience, forced Internet giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Google or Twitter to define these best practices from where today's developers are influenced. The benefits, from a developer point of view, are to have a full community working in the same direction. The amount of resources available freely on from the Internet community has no limit. However, the danger for a developer is to select the right choices, technologies and tools. Codesoju aims to help developers to do these choices, and provide organizations a reference to follow ( be continued)

Codesoju Big Picture

Integrated Development Life-cycle

In the new approach of the development life-cycle, there are three main phases where the developer is implied and act:
  • Collaborate
  • Develop
  • Deploy

Developer at the center